Life Cycles Counseling with Dr. Adina Silvestri

LPC Supervision Group

For high achieving, smart individuals who are ready to ditch the fear, and work towards becoming independent, creative Counselors !

Do you ever wonder 'How am I going to make money, earn my hours, and be ready for my LPC exam?'

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Note: To preserve our small group size, only 6 spots are available. Learn more about the next steps!

If you've been experiencing: 

  • Feeling like an imposter
  • Feeling like you are all alone in this journey
  • Feelng ill-prepared as you practice taking exam after exam

LPC Supervision Group is the most effective way to go from feeling fear to making peace with your practice and starting the journey to becoming a more creative, empathetic Counselor. 

The LPC Supervision group will help you:

  • Feel more confident on all 6 of the competency scales while emotionally coping with life stressors
  • Obtain residency hours faster as we meet regularly on a monthly schedule
  • Become more exposed to various Counseling professions and expand your social network
  • Obtain personalized approaches to finding your independence in the Counseling field
  • Find and receive support from "your tribe" and a licensed professional who specializes in Supervision and Counselor Education

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Reminder: Only 6 places available!