Life Cycles Counseling with Dr. Adina Silvestri

Anger Management Support Group

For individuals who are ready to ditch the Anger, work towards effective communication and become more connected to their family .

Do you have ANGER that you feel like you can't CONTROL?

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Note: To preserve our small group size, only 6 spots are available. Learn more about the next steps!

If you've been experiencing: 

  • Feeling Irritability
  • Feeling quick to lose temper
  • Feeling difficulty communicating

This Anger Management Group is the most effective way to ditch the Anger, so that you are no longer blowing up at your partner and start to work towards effective communication, to strengthen crumbling relationships, and become a lighter, happier you.

The Anger Management group will help you:

  • Learn to feel more in control of your anger so that you don’t blow up at your partner and children and end up feeling guilty the rest of the day
  • Learn your relationship anger profile
  • Learn how to feel calm, own your anger (and the meaning behind it) and soften your partner’s anger in the midst of chaos 
  • Learn how to have a successful argument so that you don’t shut down every time and are primed for discussing solutions instead of bringing up old problems 
  • Learn how to feel at ease when confronting an angry loved one so that these relationships don’t fall apart
  • Find and receive support from "your tribe" and a licensed professional who specializes in Anger Management